Restructuring Services

Lender groups confronted with a distressed borrower or group of borrowers that are in the “workout group” or heading for restructuring either out of court or in Chapter 11 need seasoned professionals who are intimately familiar with the best ways to protect lender interests as part of an overall strategy.  Avantce Capital has the team with the necessary comprehensive knowledge and experience.  We have worked with bank groups, agent banks, and debtor-in-possession lenders in connection with reorganizations specifically in the technology and software industry.  We have successful working relationships with Wells Fargo Foothill,  Bank Of America, Wachovia, 5/3 bank and Republic Bank of Canada.

Avantce Capital’s focus is on advisory, investment, takeout, turnaround consulting, and interim management for middle-market ($10 million - $200 Million in revenue) public and private technology/software businesses.  Our clients frequently require capital.  We can can quickly provide needed advice and make introductions to financial sources appropriate to their needs and situation.  Our experts have years of experience and deep functional specialties that allow them to guide clients through a particular business problem; restructure an area of their business; find investments/financing; or provide interim management (i.e. CEO, President, Chief Restructuring Officer, CIO /CTO, or Chief Financial Officer ) to stabilize and grow the business.

You may require one person or a team to assist you. In either case, Avantce Capital’s experts are experienced, full-time, and dedicated to getting to the heart of the matter quickly.  We won’t waste your time or your money.

Our services are broadly defined as:


Avantce Capital

Avantce Capital is a private investment company focused on the software industry.  We work closely with our management teams and provide access to capital, industry expertise, corporate development, and business development assistance.  

Our Team

A professional private equity team with seasoned finance, accounting, legal, banking, funding, and operations expertise ready to work with you and committed to success and maximizing value. Click the link below to find out more about our team members.

About Us

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Investment Strategy

Avantce Capital investment strategy and process involves intensively studying fragmented industries to identify high-potential sectors; becoming deeply knowledgeable in the selected sectors; and investing in...

Our Promise

Avantce Capital is committed to your success.  We will work with you to maximize the value of your business. Avantce Capital has a distinct approach which combines creative financial execution with deep tech...

Approach to Investments

Avantce Capital invests in and operates companies in mature segments of the software industry. ...


  Avantce Capital principals each have more than 20 years of leadership experience.  The team has deep and relevant experience in the targeted areas in which we invest. Each principal of Avantce Capital has a...